To successfully serve the communities of NSW as a Combat Agency for flood, storm and tsunami response, NSW SES develops, maintains and deploys a range of capabilities. In addition to the capabilities required to perform the Combat Agency roles, NSW SES possesses capabilities to perform additional responsibilities such as rescue operations and, general interagency support to a range of partner Agencies, acting with or on behalf of those Agencies. Our Capability Framework will:
  • Ensure NSW SES has the capability to deliver on our mission, legislated and non-legislated functions.
  • Enable consistent approach to service delivery for different communities of NSW.
  • Provide clarity and common understanding for our members and external stakeholders of what NSW SES delivers.
  • Provide clarity and consistency of language surrounding capabilities.
  • Provide a frame to determine capability gaps, prioritise capability building, and integrate new capabilities into the organisation.
  • Guide directorates in their operational planning to ensure capabilities are consistently and collaboratively supported.
  • Provide a foundation for the development of policies, procedures and training materials.
  • Provide input into the NSW SES strategic planning to ensure that the strategic priorities consider the capabilities required now and into the future.